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The delivery guy was super polite so that was already a huge plus before I even dove into the food. Now to the food. The paella, when I opened it was PACKED with seafood. I mean a whole lo sterling was in there, shrimp, mussels, clams. For $20 that is more than a great deal. It also comes in a medium sized aluminum tray, so there's a lot. The food came piping hot and it was SO good. I definitely plan on ordering there again behind this dish alone. I also had the salmon with capers and dijon mustard. It was awesome. I can't believe I let this place slip under my radar for so long. I remember always seeing it on grubhub and never actually ordering because the name made it seem like it wasn't much. I'm just happy I came to my senses and ordered here.


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I have ordered from Sangria through grubhub and others quite a few times.. one of my favs!
This was a birthday dinner to myself since I couldn't make it out and I wasn't disappointed at all. That's why I chose Sangria because I knew they would fulfill my tastebuds!
I had the lobster linguine which comes with other tasty seafood, codfish cakes which I thought would be a little bigger but they were delish and I can't ever go without my shrimp tacos. Thanks Sangria for always putting out a delightful customer experience and cooking from the heart.
In addition, my food always comes neatly packed which I'm a stickler for. Just one request with love, please do away with the foam containers.


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The salads are always fresh and the deliveries are always on time. Sangria's has turned out to be one of the most reliable restaurants in the Jamaica area. Try it out. What's the worse that could happen?...You NOT being disappointed!


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Sangria Tapas Sangria tacos were excellent! I have also eaten there and the food is always great! The delivery time estimate was an hour and I got in 30 mins!! I would definitely order again through Grub hub!


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Food is very good and plentiful. I recommend the Carne de Porco a Aleentejana Specialty and the Shrimp Parmesan. And the delivery came almost 15 minutes before the ETA; that was a pleasant surprise.

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I don't want to be redundant; I think I wrote about this place before on Seamless, but I'm sorry, I need to do it again. I just ordered the Mexilhoes a Bolhao Pato for the first time (Mussels in garlic, virgin olive oil and white wine) and.... heaven became real. Not to mention the bacon wrapped shrimp, which I've had before and are super delicious. Please, go to this place, order online... (I do it on Seamless). This is one the best restaurants in the area and it needs to continue to exist as long as I live here (and we are not moving anywhere any soon! ;). On time delivery, professionalism.... Sangria Tapas Bar And Restaurant
9541 Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica.
PS: I ordered a large amount of food (tortilla espaola and croquetas) from here for a party at my son's school (Hispanic Heritage Day) and the order was impeccable. Kids loved the food!


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Thank god for a restaurant in queens ny that is not a burger, fast food joint. The staff is professional and polite and the food is amazing and exotic. This restaurant has raised the social status of the entire borough by a few notches. Can we please have more restaurants and people like this in queens. I was really giving up hope.


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Sangria is by far my favorite place to order from, the food is fantastic and the service is great. I never have an issue, the delivery team is awesome, their really nice people with great service.I have had multiple entrees all where great. Very great comfort food. You won't be disappointed!!!!


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Delivery was faster than expected. The portion sizes were larger than expected. The skirt steak was cooked EXACTLY how I had requested and was delicious! I will order again. This must be one of the best delivery options in the neighborhood.


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The food was fresh, delicious and inventive. The delivery was fast and friendly, and I felt good after eating it. I expect this kind of food and service in Manhattan. What a great surprise to find it in this part of town.

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